Yeeeah Sauzipf

We really had a great time on tour with our lovely buddies WE WILL FLY and last weekend in Austria – maybe this clip is giving an idea of the latter:

Dates left for We Will Fly/Power-Tour in July 2014

11.07. SHOW NEEDED (somewhere in northern DE?)
12.07. Paderborn (DE)
13.07. SHOW NEEDED (somewhere in central / southern DE? maybe a matinee show?)
14.07. SHOW NEEDED (somewhere in southern DE or FR/CH?)
15.07. Lyon (FR), les capucins
16.07. Freiburg (DE), KTS
17.07. Augsburg (DE), Ballonfabrik
18.07. München (DE), Kafe Marat
19.07. SHOW NEEDED (somewhere in eastern DE? nearby Berlin?)

please contact:

Sauzipf Rocks 14

YES! We‘re able to look forward to a nice trip to the mountains and the SAUZIPF ROCKS FESTIVAL 2014 in Austria this august.

Apparently there are truly a lot of rocks there.

Tour in july 2014

…and here are the tour’s first details:

We are looking for dates from the 11th to the 20th of july (maybe southern germany -> switzerland -> southern germany -> eastern germany -> northern germany …or elswhere).
Aaaaand it will be our first tour together with a second band, which fortunately is one of our favourite and most loved ones: WE WILL FLY from Berlin!
Perfect package – isn‘t it? Uhm..yes! book now:


And we‘re still looking for a show at the 21st of march somewhere between Kiel and Weimar.


The BLAUE GALA at the beloved Schaubude was a blast! Thanks to Vladimir Harkonnen and Killbite and everyone who did show up.
We‘re currently writing songs for a second LP and are planning to do a tour in July. Details will follow…